Ultrean Air Fryer, Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Cooker with Deluxe Temperature and Time Knob, 4.5 Quart Non-Stick Basket…


WITH RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY FEATURES This unit uses rapid hot air that circulates inside to make sure that foods are cooked well. It auto shuts off when the set time has elapsed to avoid burnt food and electrical issues. Avoid the inconvenience of oil splatter while cooking using this innovative unit.
EASY TO OPERATE AND EASY TO CLEAN It comes with a 4.5 quart frying pot and grill which can easily clean after each use. With 5 Cooking Recommendation and two durable control knobs that work efficiently and do not easily get damaged unlike other ordinary knobs or buttons.
ENJOY HEALTHIER FOOD Air frying requires no or less oil. Produce well cooked food without the guilt of using unhealthy oil and consuming cholesterol. Perfect health and fitness enthusiast!

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